Pana Jana

Craft Beer Brand Design for a small homemade brewery


Pan Jan


Visual identity




The aim was to design an identity that would reflect the character of the product and, most importantly, its maker. In addition, the brand is not commercially distributed, so it was essential to give it the feel of exclusiveness and value from the lack of universal accessibility.

The keywords defined in the initial design stage were: tradition, craftsmanship, quality, and uniqueness.

I've created hand-written typography for that brand combined with "Antykwa Półtawskiego" font. The original font was designed in the twenties of the XX century by the Polish typographer Adam Półtawski (born 15 May 1881 in Warsaw, died 19 September 1952 in Cracow), hence the name. Although the author himself named it antykwa polska. By this design, I've tried to capture the specific features of the Polish written language and give the feeling of a product well settled in tradition. Furthermore, it brings to mind a bygone era and true craftsmen who were undenied experts in their work. Thus, it delivers the feeling of mysticism and high quiality achieved by an individual master.


The proposed design in two colour variants - light and dark - allowed for the full use and application in the various types of beer made in limited batches. The shapes of the letters stand out from other

modern brewery brands. The spot for hand-writing each bottle's unique serial number adds to the product's uniqueness and exclusivity.

The design has met the brief in total and has been used so far and invariably arouses interest and intrigues its recipients.

Other work

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