Thorg Miner

Product and brand design of Thorg Miner, the desktop application used to mine cryptocurrency in a fun and easy way, almost as a side result of everyday computer usage


Golem Factory


Product design




The process of working on the miner contained all stages of the product design process:

  • defining the target group
  • low fidelity wireframes
  • 1:1 user tests made on wireframes
  • user interface development
  • 1:1 user test on final designs
  • creating a complete visual identity (including creating Thorg - a dwarf from scratch)
  • close cooperation with the development team

I've invented Thorg as the stumpy miner dwarf who wants to take over the network. The stereotypical representation of the set of features assigned in culture to dwarfs as "gold diggers" - quite greedy, always on the search for more GLM to distribute with his miner friends (AKA, the Thorg app users). The teams working on this product cooperated to build a coherent picture that is repeated and fixed in users' minds. It has been achieved by presenting Thorg's individual features in the context, like that he's also mischievous and unpredictable. You might notice him throwing rocks and doing other silly things on social media now and then - so we like to keep him busy mining. Thorg is notoriously funny (though frequently grumpy) and always lurks around to make crypto mining fun and easy.


Thorg Miner is aimed at gamers and people who own high-quality GPUs. It is a tool that can be used to get some additional income just by having the computer running.

UX tools used:

  • Desk research
  • Competition research
  • User testing on low fidelity wireframes
  • User testing on high fidelity wireframes

Design tools used:

  • Brand Design
  • App Design
  • Web Design
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Illustrator


The Thorg Miner application was very well received by the users. The simplicity and clarity of the UI were appreciated. In addition, the app was found to be intuitive and provide all the necessary information. That made onboarding new, non-crypto-embedded users easier, thus opening up new spaces for those who do not feel confident in the crypto space.

"Once you get into the application, though, it seems very easy to use for the majority of people. As far as a mining application goes in terms of looks, Thorg is minimal in that Thorg shows you exactly what you need to mine while you're mining Ethereum for GLM. I can see my current wallet balance, my estimated profits in both GLM/USD and my hash rate per GPU. These are all great and make the experience very user friendly." - User's rewiev on Reddit

Other work

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